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Christmas eve

Paraty's Christmas Opening

December 20th until December 25th 2019
Christmas Opening

The colonial town of Paraty gets all dessed up with flowers and lights to commemorate the opoening of Christmas, a very special celebration for the people of Paraty, but also to receive with joy and warmth the tourists that come to enjoy their holidays at Paraty.

 The Paraty Christmas it's an invitation to a real party, the joy, the brotherhood, without loosing the spirit of universal peace and love.

 A tipical event of the Christmas opening it's the Folia de Reis - Three Wise Men celebration.

 In Paraty, Folia de Reis begins in December, the feast day of Our Lady of Conception and ends in mid January. During this period, groups of musicians and  singers of traditional music come together in places previously agreed to recite Bible verses.

Following the presentations, serving dishes such as radishes, wine, sweet and salty.The last house visited every night, is common to have a iranda dance (a dance typical of Paraty). Unlike Folia do Divino, occurring at any time, the Folia de Reis only occurs during the night until dawn.

Folia de Reis - Three Wise Men?

Folia de Reis is a celebration of Portuguese origin. The celebration is linked to the Catholic cult of Christmas, brought to Brazil in the fifteenth century, and still kept alive in folklore events in many regions of the country. In the city of Paraty, Folia de Reis begins on December 8th is the feast day of Our Lady of Conception and ends onJanuary 20. During this period, different groups of singers and guitarists in traditional music come together at different points in Paraty to recite ancient poems to tell the story of the Birth of Christ.

For centuries, in traditional Brazilian culture, the celebration of Christmas have been celebrated by groups that visited the houses playing happy songs in praise of the "Three Kings" and the Birth of Christ. These festive events extend far more from the ones sctrictly devoted to the Three Wise Men. It is a tradition that originated in Portugal gained momentum especially in the nineteenth

century and remains alive in many parts of the country as is the case of Paraty.

Christmas accommodation Packages in Paraty

Paraty Christmas Packages

  • Accommodation for 3 nights in rooms with ensuite bathrooms and A/C
  • Free Breakfast served at the beach! Free Wi-Fi + Lockers + Linen
* December 20th until December 25th 2019
Private Bedrooms (with A/C, TV, Frigobar, en suite)

- Private Single / Double / Couple: (R$1.160  -25%) = R$ 870 per room, for 3 nights
- Private Triple (3 beds): Price (R$1.347  -25%) = R$ 1.010 per room, for 3 nights
- Private Quadruple (4 beds): (R$1.693  -25%) = R$ 1.270 per room, for 3 nights

Shared Dorm with ensuite bathroom and A/C
- Dorm up to 8 or 6 beds: 3 nights for (R$319  -25%) = R$ 239
Dorm up to 10 beds: 3 nights for (R$227  -25%) = R$ 170

Paraty Christmas Packages

How do I get to Paraty?

How do you Get to Paraty?? Find Maps, Driving instructions, Accesses, Bus Arrival and Departure, Bus Times Schedules to Parati, how to get by car and transfers information, all right here!
How do I get to Paraty?

Door to Door Transfer Services from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to Paraty

São Paulo to Paraty transfers

So that you avoid unnecessary complications we offer you the option of on-line booking for your transfer from Sao Paulo to Paraty, either from the airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Guarulhos) or our Pick-up point to the door of your hotel in Paraty.


We offer Private and Shared Rooms, all of them with AC and ensuite bathrooms.

Beach breakfast included!
Free Wi-Fi
Ensuite Bathrooms
All rooms with A/C.
Sea View
Courtesy Caipirinha
24hs Reception
Tourist Information
Great Backpacker Atmosphere and helpful multilingual Staff
Where is the Hostel? Map of Paraty
Beachfront and near the Paraty Historic Centre!

Our Hostel & Pousada is located in front of Pontal Beach, just a couple of blocks from Paraty Historical Center. We have a lovely view at the Paraty bay and islands.  We have a lovely bar on the beach where we serve our breakfasts. Come relax on our sofas and hamac and enjoy a great view of the sunrise over the Paraty bay and the islands while you sip a hot coffee.

Besides Pontal is the privileged stage of the exciting Paraty Carnival.

We are waiting for you. You are welcome to stay as long as you fancy, we are here waiting for you with an icy cold beer and a beachfront hamac!

just 200 meters away from the Historic Centre
special meals and dinners with live music on our beach bar Geko Chill Bar!
accommodation packages with discounts an all main events

Prices for all our guests

Accommodation packages on all Paraty main events
breakfast on the beach! with your feet on the sand!
All Rooms have Ensuite Bathroom and AC


Take a look at our Hostel in Paraty!

Come to Geko Hostel, a Youth Hostel with International Standards and Tropical Atmosphere, and enjoy the best of Paraty!

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Accommodation in Paraty starting at 27.99! Breakfast included. Come and enjoy Paraty in Geko, A blend of a Bed & Breakfast (Pousada), with the atmosphere and prices of a Youth Hostel. A great place to relax, socialise, meet new people and go partying! We offer true beachfront accommodation for your trips at a starting price of only 27.99!



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