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Paraty Carnival


History of Carnival in Paraty

The origins of Paraty carnival date from 1920 where there were already some clubs and groups like the carnival and the "Lira da Juventude" and "Vinte Cinco de Dezembro", which celebrates the carnival with different rhythms at that time known as Zé Pereira. Despite this reference is not well known when, exactly, were the first carnival blocks street Paraty.

Initially, the blocks were formed only by men with masks. Only in 1928 women began participating in the carnival. The "Bloco da Lalá" organized by a black lady of fame was a great success and its fame is known until today.

Zé Pereira were formed on the wings, each has a different color, had great crepe paper lanterns and containers filled with perfume.The first, leaving red and black, the second of pink and green and the third of black and white. They Sang songs with lyrics that made harsh criticisms of the local and national political events.

Paraty Carnival currently has seven blocks: Os Paulos; Tô Que Vamos; Os Meninos do Pontal, Paraty do Amanhã; Academic Patitiba da; Tribo do eo Samba Bloco da Lama.

When is Carnival this year?

20th until the 25th of February 2020

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O Bloco da Lama - the muddy parade

The bloco da Lama is the most famous. Its rarity and originality have attracted the attention of the press and the curious people. It was borne in the early 90's on a Saturday of carnival, with the help of a group of friends who used to bathe in the medicinal mud of Praia Jabaquara and they see each other unrecognizable, and decided to show in the carnival covered in mud.

The following year a bigger group showed in the carnival representing a kind of prehistoric tribe: they had mud all over their bodies, covered in rags, carrying skulls and skeletons and screaming Uga, uga, RA Ra! Given the exit that had since then, the Ministry of Tourism of Paraty and the organizers of the carnival have been campaigning with the participants, through the local media on the importance of not littering walls, cars or people are going through the streets, helping to preserve the tradition.


The Bloco da Lama convenes more than two thousand members. Its stated in the parade Saturday of Carnival, the function to scare the evil spirits and bring immense joy to the Paraty Carnival. When they have gone all the negative spirits around the bloco, is fired with a swim in the river, leaving a message of peace to the carnival of Paraty is a true celebration of joy.

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The days before theCarnival begins, the Carnamar takes place, an event that is traditional in Paraty. This is a competition among boats looking for the best decorated and animated. The yachts and fishing boats competing in a Sea Carnival.

Paraty Carnival Packages

  • Accommodation for 3 nights in rooms with ensuite bathrooms and A/C
  • Free Breakfast served at the beach! Free Wi-Fi + Lockers + Linen
* 20th until the 25th of February 2020
Private Bedrooms (with A/C, TV, Frigobar, en suite)

- Private Single / Double / Couple: (R$2.447  -25%) = R$ 1.835 per room, for 3 nights
- Private Triple (3 beds): Price (R$3.088  -25%) = R$ 2.316 per room, for 3 nights
- Private Quadruple (4 beds): (R$3.877  -25%) = R$ 2.908 per room, for 3 nights

Shared Dorm with ensuite bathroom and A/C
- Dorm up to 8 or 6 beds: 3 nights for (R$931  -25%) = R$ 698
Dorm up to 10 beds: 3 nights for (R$632  -25%) = R$ 474

Paraty Carnival Packages

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